Our Community Centre

Avonmouth Community Centre hosts a number of events and activities, and has flexible indoor and outdoor spaces that can be hired for meetings, parties, weddings, community events, public consultations and exhibitions.

We are based in North Bristol, a minute away from Avonmouth Rail Station on the Severn Beach Line, easily accessible from central Bristol, the Portway (A4) and M5 J18, opposite Avonmouth Park.

If you have any questions, or wish to find out about booking a room, just contact us or email the Centre Manager.

The Building

The Centre itself is based in what was originally the school built in Avonmouth, in 1886. It was known as the National School, which accommodated 200 pupils. Three years later the school was extended to accommodate a further 100 pupils. Due to increasing numbers of children necessitating larger premises, a new school was built in Catherine Street, the old school finally closing in 1971.

In 1886. the building was known as the National School, which accommodated 200 pupils

Following the school’s departure from the building, a group of local residents took over the management of the building, and Avonmouth Community Centre Association was created. Since then, the organisation has been overseen by a group of trustees, mainly local people, who believe that the building is an important resource for the community.

Avonmouth Community Centre


The vision of Avonmouth Community Centre Association is:

That all residents living in the Bristol ward of Avonmouth enjoy a high quality of life, are able to achieve their economic, social and educational goals, and are part of a strong, prosperous and caring local community.


In order to achieve its vision, ACCA has as its mission:

To manage a community building which provides high quality facilities and a range of activities, that is accessible to all sections of the local community.

To continuously develop and update the building, to meet the changing needs and expectations of the community, both now and in the future.

To provide accommodation for local community groups and public sector organisations in order to enhance local services for residents, particularly for those people who are disadvantaged, vulnerable or who face difficulties accessing provision appropriate to their particular needs and circumstances.

To develop activities that increase participation in civic life, including through providing local residents with opportunities for self-development, volunteering and involvement in local decision-making.


ACCA operate within the following values:

  • Equal Opportunities – As both a service provider and employer, ACCA promotes equality of opportunity and believes in challenging discrimination of all kinds.
  • Community Cohesion – ACCA is committed to helping create a strong and prosperous community in which individuals from all cultures, backgrounds and beliefs are able to develop mutual understanding and respect.
  • Democracy and Accountability – ACCA is a membership organisation and its management committee is accountable to the community through open meetings and the annual election of its officers. It regularly communicates with and consults all sectors of the community, to ensure that its planning and decision making continues to reflect locally identified priorities.
  • Partnership Working – ACCA believes that collaboration with voluntary and community groups, public sector bodies and private sector businesses improves its ability to enhance resources and deliver better services.
  • Independence and Financial Sustainability – ACCA recognises that it is in the best interests of the communities it serves for it to plan for a financially sustainable future based on sound management, cost effectiveness and increasing its own income generation.
  • Environmental Sustainability – ACCA will meet the challenge of climate change through adopting good environmental practices, and promoting all aspects of environmental sustainability throughout all its operations.